My late brother convinced us he had quit drugs - Fred Omondi

Comedian Fred Omondi
Comedian Fred Omondi

Comedian Fred Omondi says his late elder brother Joseph lied to them he was no longer abusing drugs.

"There is a time we found him and I brought him to my place, where he stayed for a while," Fred told Word Is on Friday.

The family paid his rent and gave him some money, expecting he would turn over a new leaf.

"Then we decided to help him out, to start his own life. I think that is where we were wrong because he convinced us that he was now doing well," he said.

Sibling Eric Omondi announced last year Joseph had died after a long battle with drug addiction.

Fred said Eric was greatly affected. "It was tough. You know we had struggled with him over the years. He was struggling with addiction and we spent most our time looking for him other than growing up with him. Eric found him, after two or three years of not seeing him. Unfortunately, the next day he passed on because he was in a very bad condition," he said.

Nevertheless, they pulled through and are now strong.

Fred is known for doing stand-up comedy in various shows, including Churchill. All this started from way back, when he was growing up.

"I can never trade my childhood life for anything. I grew up with my crazy brother Eric, plus my dad was the craziest. He was so comic," he said.

Unfortunately, their parents died while they were still young.

"When we lost both our parents. We had very tough times 'cause Eric was forced to start working when he was still in high school. I am the last born, and he had to take care of me," he said.

Fred is currently working on a TV show project called 'Black and White' that will be aired on TV.