Kidum releases Telenovela


Kenya-based Burundi singer Nimbona Jean-Pierre, aka Kidum, is back with a new hit, Telenovela, produced by Cedo. Kidum said his music always touches women more than it does men.

“Making women happy is so hard because they always complain and my music inspires most of them. My fans have always wanted me to sing love songs,” Kidum told Word Is

Telenovela is a modern-day African interpretation of a love relationship that has faced turmoil and crashed. The song is intended to inspire resolution of misunderstandings and to motivate men to freely express and proclaim their love to their women.

On why he started releasing singles, Cedo said, “It has taken a long time to become the musician I am. I have gained multiple skills. It is time to grow to the next level in my career.”