Eric Omondi dodges queries on Maribe, son

Eric Omondi
Eric Omondi

Popular comedian Eric Omondi has been taken to task by his fans on why he did not step up and marry Jacque Maribe after he got her pregnant.

This issue came up after he posted a photo of their son with the incarcerated TV anchor on his Instagram.

One fan wrote, "I hope you are helping the kid. Let the peace flow in that house."

Another added, "Why post the child now, though? Right attention, wrong timing… May justice prevail for Jacky, Jowi and Monica in Equal Measure."

When called for comment on the issue, Eric was cagey on the whole paternity issue. Nor would he comment on if he has custody of the son, since Jacque Maribe is currently incarcerated at the Langata Women's Prison.

He told Word Is, "I don't want to speak about Jacque Maribe. I am in Bungoma for a stadium tour."

Asked what he thinks of the various comments taking jabs at him, Eric said, "Sioni watu wakitroll (I cannot see anyone trolling me). I have read the comments and I don't see any troll."

We then asked him if he had plans to marry Jacque and what happened.

Eric responded, "Story ya kuoana (on that story of getting married), call me after one minute."

In a recent interview with sections of the media, Eric denied being the father of Jacque's son, and instead promised to reveal who it is.