Gin Ideal expresses her love for Songa

Gin Ideal
Gin Ideal

Gin Ideal is back. This time with a collabo featuring Nigeria artiste Ketchup.

The song, Balance it, was streaming exclusively on Songa By Safaricom as from last week, and Gin Ideal says it was one of the best choices she made.

“It is a great opportunity for fans to get the song easily, which means they support local talent and it can reach a large number of my fans all over the country.”

Songa By Safaricom just launched Songa na Tano, which has now made it more affordable for Kenyans. Artistes like Gin Ideal are grateful to Songa By Safaricom because it shows they care for the artistes and their music.

“The app has helped my song this far and I am happy about the progress. I have just released the audio but the feedback is great.”

To get the app, simply dial *812# or download it from the app store.