Dennis Okari unhappy with Betty Kyallo 'exposing' their daughter

Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo.
Dennis Okari and Betty Kyalo.

They were once Kenya's TV power

couple with their whirlwind romance a relationship goals for many. Lets not even talk about

Betty Kyallo and Dennis Okari's that was on a different level altogether.

We were all green with envy.

But the romance was short-lived. 6 months into their marriage, and we were all in shock.

They are now in the process of initiating what promises to be a protracted divorce battle.

The two brought to life an amazing baby girl, Ivanna. Not much of her was in the public eye but after Betty and Okari separated, she has been all over Betty’s social media.

And now Okari, for the first time has spoken about and he is not happy with how his daughter is being "exposed" to the world by the mother.

Read what Okari told Nairobi News