I get threats but don’t fear death, says Okari

Dennis Okari
Dennis Okari

Dennis Okari, one of the best investigative reporters in town, has opened up about the struggles he goes through in the line of duty. From threats on his life to being stalked by unknown people, Okari has seen it all.

"I've been threatened so many times. I've been followed in my car, but one thing is I don't fear death. I've done dangerous things. I've gone to interview terrorists, I've gone to Somalia and the bad story of most of the things that I've done is we've had IEDs set up to blow us up. God's grace keeps me moving. For me, this is more than work, it's a calling. If I don't do these stories, who will? I look at the transformative way of how these stories impact people, and it's more than just rating, more than trending on Twitter and shining as a celebrity."

Talking at the premiere of Oscar-nominated film Mully, Okari says there is a lot that the public is yet to know about him.

"A lot of people know me for what I do on TV, which is just a small part of who Dennis Okari is. This is my 15th year on TV. I had a life before media and I'll still have a life after it. Part of my desire is always to see young people change and become the best versions of themselves. Whether I preach through my own life or through my experiences, so be it. I've met so many people from different nations, and for me, it's just to bring that positive attitude and tell people they can be what they want as long as they are alive."

He added,

"I want to be influential, I don't want to be famous. Even when I die, my influence will still be there, having made that difference in someone's life. As I go to sleep, I always know there is someone whose life has changed as a result of positive journalism. My stories are very cold, very dark, but behind those doors, there is always good that comes out of it."