Pastor Burale claims he has not had sex for four years

Robert Burale
Robert Burale

Pastor Robert Burale revealed in a TV interview that he hasn't had sex for four years. The divorced pastor admitted that the last time he engaged in sex was with his ex-wife.

Kenyans reacted:

Jackie Benson: We are lacking form tharry foe B and A so I categorically reject the results till you produce the forms or we nullify the statement.... Four years is not a joke.

Janet Chemu: Yes pastor don't try.... Don't collect weird spirits.

Martin Kadagi: Same to me. I challenge any woman to come out and challenge me too.

Siti Nasur: You have no wife but teaching people how to choose wife material?

Chiru Gerald: Plis marry my virgin christian sister.

Ciku Muchiri: Following for the ex-wife.

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