Esther Arunga apologises to parents after son's death

Esther Arunga.
Esther Arunga.

JUST a few days after the mysterious death of her three-year-old son in Australia, former television news anchor Esther Arunga has apologised to her parents.

The former KTN news anchor officially sent her apologies, seeking forgiveness from her parents following the estranged relationship between the two parties. Through a moving two thousand-word letter, Arunga reached out to her parents, who recently revealed that they have not been in communication with her for over three years, asking them to receive her and hubby, Quincy Timberlake, back.

It read in part: “Over the debacle, I therefore take this opportunity to apologise, for my constant bickering with you my beloved dad and mother (when I wasn’t trying my hardest to ignore you). I realise that you are not the annoying, sociopathic space aliens that I once thought. You are, in fact, quite wonderful wonderful people. Thanks to my husband who tirelessly inserted the positive thinking in to my senses of reason and thought that brought major meaningful senses. Now I reached a decision.”

“I do confess though that I did not think you liked me in the past two years. I have, therefore, decided to put all this bitterness away and forget it for good. This is not a condition, but I request you Dad and Mum to kindly accept my husband and child as part of our society. They’re the family I got. Whether we like this fact or not, they’re one of the major things that sent me away. Now am back and request to be accepted back with them. Is that okay Mum? Is that okay?” she poised.

She continued: “I know that I shouldn’t have acted like that and that is why I am truly and deeply sorry for making you hurt on both the inside and on the outside, but you must believe me that my love for you will either stay the same or grow to be more because without you my son lacks a grand mother. And it’s reaching a time where your role over him is knocking the door. I am flying back home soon to visit you and make up for the rest personal family matters that I may not discuss here. I am ready to rejoin this family again and fulfill this fruitful epistolary of good times that we did miss in absenteeism. Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence!! May I be forgiven in the name of Jesus Christ!

She added that it was her father and mother who asked her to quit vying for the Karachuonyo constituency parliamentary seat and that “I request that I discuss that with my husband then I’ll make an announcement in a more mature way!”