Kambua blogs about childhood scars

Gospel artist Kambua Manundu
Gospel artist Kambua Manundu

Singer Kambua blogged about a childhood incident that was “a near-death accident that involved hot water and a basin.”

The gospel singer wrote in her blog: “I thank God that my mind has up until this day blocked away the whole traumatic experience and even what I am sharing with you is a recount of what my family shared with me concerning that night.

“For three months, I was admitted in hospital with third degree burns. The doctors despaired...there was little hope for me. But God still had a plan for my life. God saved me from the sting of death, and in spite of what the doctors feared, I began my slow but steady journey to recovery.

“Due to the damage caused on my skin by the burns, the doctors suggested that my family take me for plastic surgery, but before a decision could be made, the great physician, Jehovah Rapha, continued to restore me. It got to a point where the doctors said there probably would be no use for plastic surgery because it seemed that I was recovering speedily and better than they had expected. I am now alive with only scars to show that I went through the valley of the shadow of death.”

Kambu concluded in her post, “Sometimes we wonder whether God would love us even where we are flawed, and have gone through ordeals that have left us with scars- the answer is yes, He loves us, scars and all... Embrace your scars...let them act as reminders of what God has taken you through and always remember that He loves you...scars and all!”