The good Safaritans

These are those people who help others in need while in the bush

In Summary

• Spirit of safari calls for being ready to help without expecting anything in return

Helped in a sticky situation
Helped in a sticky situation

One thing that has always touched me in life is when people help those in need, especially when they expect nothing in return.

Many people know the biblical parable of the good Samaritan who helped a wounded stranger in need. However, in the African bush, I tend to use the words “the good Safaritan” for those people who help others in need while in the bush.

The question we all need to ask ourselves in this current time is, are we good Safaritans? What on earth do I mean by that?. Many people who live in the city are simply not used to any venturing off tar roads and are therefore mostly ill-equipped for any vehicle moments that involve getting stuck on roads or tracks.

Most people being rescued have been over the years mostly due to seasonal heavy rains. KWS sometimes uses a tractor to pull vehicles out. Thankfully, there is also a dedicated group of regular private individuals who are well prepared for most situations.

It is great to be part of these groups, as we often coordinate through social media to pull stuck vehicles out of the mud, using practical experience. Those who help sometimes become covered in mud, but they don’t complain. Instead, they are just glad to be able to help, without expecting anything in return, this is what defines being a true good Safaritan.

It is well worth the effort to be involved in a rescue moment, especially afterwards when you see the relieved and joyful look on the faces of the people who were rescued as they are finally set free from being stuck. In life it is always good to plan to be prepared to help others, we never know when we will also need someone to help us!

As the year 2021 ends, pray we all be prepared to help those in need, as we prepare for 2022 and onwards.

KWS contact numbers for the Nairobi National Park are - 0800597000 or 08002215566 or 0202587435 or 0729125502 or 0728331981