Starlings are darlings

Their magnificent shining feathers reflect in the sunlight at angles

In Summary

• They are always active, and very often trying to catch their next snack

Greater blue-eared glossy starlings
Greater blue-eared glossy starlings

When visiting to park it is difficult not to see various species of starlings, the Nairobi National Park has some special varieties like the Superb starling, Ruppels long tailed starling, Hildebrandts starling, Wattled starling and others.

It is well worth it to just stop and quietly watch the starlings, they are always active, and very often trying to catch their next snack. Then once a particular starling has caught a meal, suddenly many others appear and would like a share. Imagine is humans behaved like that when eating, maybe some of us do?

What always impresses me about starlings is their magnificent shining feathers. They reflect in the sunlight at various angles revealing shades that vary from deep blues to powerful purples. Plus their bodies also have other colourful features, these birds are much more that physical colour, they also have colourful character traits.  Yes! In my opinion starlings are darlings, as they always manage to cause me to have a moment of joy when I watch them.

I always find it a joy to see birds when driving in the park, God has created so such amazing diversity . While driving through the park there is so much to see, I would highly recommend that it is best to drive slowly and quitely when looking for birds, and then stop as soon as you see them, in the hope that they will behave naturally, and maybe even catch something while you are watching! Very often when I drive slowly though the park, other rewards also come in the form of Serval cats, Lions and special creatures.

So remember next time you are in the park to spent a few moments with the starlings, very often they are at the picnic sites as well, you will never be disappointed as you watch starlings being darlings.

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