Warty goes wallowing

Lions prey on them when migrating herds are absent

In Summary

• They love to go for a lounging session in the mud

Warthog family fun
Warthog family fun

Walter Warty awoke with a grunt and mumbled to his dear wife Wartilda, “Mmm. How about us all going to the Athi Health Spa this morning for full mudpack treatment?” Wartilda squealed with delight and quickly gathered her four little piglets.

The family trotted over the dry dusty plains to eventually arrive at the Athi dam. Then Walter stopped suddenly as did the rest of the family, as they looked at the strange creature situated near their favourite mud pool. One of the piglets grunted to Walter, “What is that shiny thing daddy?” Then Waltilda gave the answer, “My child it is one of those grumble-shines, they have a strange smell and are mostly filled with untrustworthy humans.”

I sat waiting patiently as a family of warthogs approached a mud pool at the end of the Athi dam, they froze nervously from a few minutes, while they decided if my parked vehicle was a threat or not. Then as if by adult warthog approval, they all moved down to the mud pool and proceeded to enjoy themselves by rolling in the mud. Soon most of their bodies were covered in glistening wet mud.

Walter complimented Wartilda and told her that the mud spa treatment really made her look wonderfully piggy. The piglets also enjoyed the muddy moments as they playfully chased each other. All too soon, Walter gave the instruction for the family to leave, and grunted to Wartilda “ Oink oink, what a wonderful time we had, we must return tomorrow!”

Warthogs are an important part of the Lion diet when migrating herds are absent. As we drove away I wondered how long it would be for this warthog family to remain as it is before one of them became lion dinner?

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