City mode to bush mode

You need to snap out of 'city mode' when going to the park

In Summary

• Tips to help you enjoy your time at the park

Oxpeckers on giraffe
Oxpeckers on giraffe

In this fast and often crazy world we live in, many people like to “escape from the city” and spend time in a natural environment. Well, the Nairobi National Park is one of those “escape to the wild” places.

However, over many years, I have noted that most of us are still in “city mode” when we enter a national park, trying to see as much of the created wonders as possible. Our challenge is to quickly snap out of “city mode” into “bush mode”.

Here are a few points that work for me.

  1. 1. Pray for God to show you the glory of creation
  2. 2. Slow down when driving — a speed of less than 30km/h is advised
  3. 3. Don’t just look at the grass and trees, look through the grass and trees
  4. 4. Watch the reactions of different herbivores and birds.
  5. 5. Go with the attitude of 'birdwatching', show interest in the smaller creatures, sooner or later other large creatures, such as lions could 'get in the way'
  6. 6. Don’t drive too far, stop often at waterholes and wait
  7. 7. Stop often in places with a good view and scan the horizon with binoculars
  8. 8. Go with the attitude of “let nature come to me” rather than us trying to “catch a bit of nature”.

So why not visit the “green island in a sea of concrete”? I hope that your time in the Nairobi wild will be restful and be like a “soul tonic”, a “dawa” medicine for your innermost being.

The park is open daily from 06h00 to 19h00. For more information on the park, you can link to the following website: or visit the Facebook page at Nairobi National Park