Creation is incredible

It is one of the theories of how nature's wonders came to be

In Summary

• There's always something new to learn about the park

Oxpecer love
Oxpecer love

After driving in the park on more than 4,500 occasions over many years, I remain in awe as to the incredibly wide range and creative detail of the flora and fauna species that occur.

The more I explore and find out about the amazing diversity, the more I realise how little I actually know. It is as if every visit to the park somehow reveals something new and exciting to me.

This natural wonder we call the Nairobi National Park is only 117 sq km, indeed a relatively small area to support such a diverse range of species. I do not think there is another place on planet earth as unique as this place.

People like to inquire and find answers to certain mysteries regarding life. One question that is asked by many people is: how does all this happen to be here?

It appears that there are two main thought groups attempting to answer this age-old question. Some people think there was a “big bang” millions of years ago, and then somehow gases cooled and converged to solids and liquids, and then there was an evolutionary “soup” and then from that “soup”, all living things simply evolved to be what they are today.

Other large groups of people believe that all living things are the result of a controlled creative process with great intelligence and extreme detail that only God could achieve.

I personally believe that the Nairobi National Park is an amazingly incredible creation that God has positioned right next to the City of Nairobi for the benefit of mankind. The park is a priceless treasure, a wonderful place for people to “escape from the city", finding rest and peace in natural surroundings.

A place where individuals, friends and families can spend precious time together and experience the healing “soul tonic” that comes to many people who spend time in nature.

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