Hunting for treasure

A junior member outdid all the senior members

In Summary

• Rarer or more special species got more treasure points if sighted

FoNNaP treasure hunt winners
FoNNaP treasure hunt winners

On Sunday August 30, a number of people participated in a “treasure hunt” organised by the Friends of Nairobi National Park (FoNNaP).

For those who might not be aware, this is a very different kind of treasure hunt. The “treasure” is actually various species of animals seen within the park. Participants had pre-registered during the previous week and assembled at the main gate by 07h00 in the morning.

All participants were given a list of selected species as “treasure”, with rarer or more special species getting more treasure points if sighted. For example, a leopard sighting — 100 points and a lion sighting — 50 points.

Participants had five hours to find as many “treasure” species as possible, with a time dated photo of each sighting and submit their form for judging by 12h30.

Feedback from the various participants was that, while they found the treasure hunt challenging, they really had a great time and enjoyed this fun outing. A special thanks to the FoNNaP board members for making the event happen.

Gaye D’Costa and team prepared a delicious Korogo meal for a FoNNaP lunch. After a slight delay, the guest of honour, Reinhard Bonke, arrived in time to give out the prizes.

It was great to see that a junior member outdid all the senior members. Adarsh Nagdawon, 11, won the treasure hunt with 970 points in total, assisted by Tanuj Shah, who was driving.

Why can’t every visit to the Nairobi National Park be a time when people have fun as they hunt for “treasure”? Yes! Find the living “treasure”, the wonderful variety of splendid creatures that live within the park.

The FoNNaP treasure hunt was a very successful day that was greatly enjoyed by those who attended the event, definitely an event that needs to be repeated more often. Please join FoNNaP to enjoy participating next time!

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