Clicks for better pics

Lessons learned from over half a century of wildlife photography

In Summary

• Remember, simply speaking, 'It is the clicks that become the pics'

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I do not pretend to know everything about taking good wildlife photos, but over a period of half a century, hopefully some lessons have been learned.

Here are some factors that help me to take better “clicks and pics”. 1) Know your camera equipment. Even small “point and shoot” cameras can get good results if used correctly. Some people buy the best and expect instant excellence.

2) Practice makes perfect. It’s ok to make mistakes, but note how to improve. 3) Hold still. If possible, avoid “camera shake”, a “bean bag” to rest the camera does help.


4) Sometimes first and last hours of the day are “golden hours,” when the soft sunlight is just right for great photos.

5) Don’t overzoom. Try to get the full subject into the frame. If moving, use “sport function” and follow with the camera as you click. 6) Try to get out of “City mode” and relax into “Bush mode”.

7) Pray for God to show you the glory of creation 8) Drive slowly. Less than 30km/h is advised. 9) Don’t just look at grass and trees, look through grass and trees.

10) Watch the reactions of different herbivores and birds. I have often seen lions in this way. 11) Having an attitude of “birdwatching”, and showing an interest in the smaller creatures is very rewarding.

12) Don’t drive too far. Stop often and wait. 13) Stop often and scan the area with binoculars. 14) Go with the attitude of “let nature come to me” rather than trying to “catch a bit of nature”.

15) Be ready. You never know when that special moment could happen. Always have your camera ready.

Remember, simply speaking, “It is the clicks that become the pics”.