Joint Photography/Digital Artwork Contest themed "Together, Stronger"

Chinese Embassy in Kenya celebrates artists and art

In Summary

• As the UN General Assembly commemorates its 75th anniversary, the Chinese Embassy in Kenya has launched a photography/digital work contest

• Prizes include a camera worth Ksh100,000-120,000, for the first prize winner

Joint Photography/Digital Artwork Contest themed "Together, Stronger"
Joint Photography/Digital Artwork Contest themed "Together, Stronger"
Image: Chinese Embassy In Kenya

In these unprecedented times, a show of unity and togetherness is incredibly important and as we continue to live in our new normal, it is vital that we celebrate those moments. Recently the Chinese government has partnered with the Kenyan Union of Journalists to celebrate both our artists, and our art, and they are giving creatives an opportunity to celebrate their community.

This year as the opening of high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly commemorates its 75th anniversary, the Chinese embassy in Kenya has launched a photography/digital work contest, with a theme that looks at the various civilizations and exchanges and asks artists to reaffirm their collective commitment to multilateralism.

The contest is open to both Kenyan citizens and Chinese nationals living in Kenya and wants to look at the cultural exchanges between people as well as harmonious stories about people in different nations. They also ask for stories that highlight groups working in solidarity to combat COVID-19 with pieces that reflect the china and Africa friendship being prioritized.


People who are interested in entering the competition have until November 15th and can send in their photography, with the contest also accepting digital works such as posters, cartoons, animation or videos, not lasting more than five minutes.

Together Stronger
Together Stronger
Image: Chinese Embassy in Kenya

Prizes include a camera worth Ksh100,000-120,000, for the first prize winner, a laptop worth Ksh60,000-80,000. for the second prize winners, a smart phone worth Ksh40,000-50,000. for the third prize winners and a smart phone worth Ksh20,000-30,000 for the finalists.

Those who want to submit their pieces for consideration, can send them to [email protected], with judges making a final decision on December 14th 2020.

Contest details

  • Participants

--All Kenyan citizens.

--All Chinese nationals living or working in Kenya.

  • Thematic contents

--People-to-people/culture exchanges.


--Bilateral/multilateral cooperation in all fields and aspects.

--Solidarity in fighting against the COVID-19 pandemic.

--Harmonious stories about people of different nations.

Works reflecting China-Kenya/China-Africa friendship or cooperation will be given priority

  • Category

Photo: Stitched photos are not accepted;

Photos for 2019 China-Kenya Friendship Photography Contest are excluded

Digital works: digital posters, cartoons, animation or videos (not exceeding 5 minutes)

  • Submission
  1. Each participant should submit not more than three works, with the registration form as attached.
  2. The photo size should be from 1 M to 10 M. Digital posters and cartoons should be at least 1920*1080 pixels, with a resolution of not less than 300DPI, with a format of either JPG or PDF. Animation and video resolution not less than 1080P, with a format of MP4.
  3. Keep the original works for verification (EXIF).
  4. Copyright infringement, reprinting works are not accepted.
  5. No signs such as the website name or links on the works.
  6. Send the works and registration forms to [email protected] Subject format: "participant's name - category - work's name"

NOTE: Participating in the contest implies that you have authorized the organizers complimentary use of the works for publicity, publishing, exhibition, video or online shows.

  • Procedures

From today to November 15, 2020

Submit works to [email protected]

November 16- December 1, 2020

Judges select qualified works, rate and name the winners.

December 14, 2020

Awards announcement and exhibition.

  • Prizes

First prize (4 winners): camera worth Ksh 100,000-120,000.

Second prize (8 winners) : laptop worth Ksh60,000-80,000.

Third prize (16 winners): smartphone worth Ksh40,000-50,000.

Finalists (Up to 10): smartphone worth Ksh20,000-30,000

  • Contacts

Mr Liu Yang

Email address: [email protected]

Chinese Embassy in Kenya reserves the right to qualify or disqualify any entry (s).

Twitter: @ChineseEmbKenya
Facebook: ChineseEmbassyInKenya
For more information, visit