Terrence 'Kamami' Creative holds birthday party

The funny man is known for wearing a shower cap in his women-imitating parodies

Terrence 'Kamami' Creative takes a selfie with fans
Terrence 'Kamami' Creative takes a selfie with fans
Image: Moses Mwangi

Popular parody comedian Terrence Creative, alias 'Kamami', recently held a birthday party at the Golden IceBistro.

The funny man, known for his women-imitating parodies, in which he wears a shower cap and a long dress, marked his ''Kamami 100K Party'' with pomp and glamour, where even his guests wore his symbolic shower caps.

Also present were fellow thespians in the comedy industry, among them MC Coconut, Laugh Industry's Ken Waudo, comedian Butita and events organiser Chris Kirwa.