Will Diamond move in to Ivan's house with Zari?

Zari Hassan. /Courtesy
Zari Hassan. /Courtesy

Zari Hassan is the newest millionaire in town. She was recognised as Ivan Ssemwanga's “official” widow during his burial and she was also named as the highest beneficiary of Ivan's wealth. According to sources, she was given 50 per cent of his wealth, her sons 30 per cent, Ivan’s family 10 per cent and King Lawrence (his best friend) 10 per cent as well.

Some of the wealth attributed to Ivan includes two palatial mansions in Pretoria, Sandton and one in Munyonyo, Uganda. Others include real estate properties at home and abroad, Brooklyn colleges across South Africa, and a 5-star hotel under construction in Kampala.

Zari's in-laws had vowed that she would not inherit anything belonging to their son, but later resolved the issues and apologised to her.

Zari and her three sons will take over Ivan's house in Sandton, while the other one in Pretoria will be rented out to provide money for family upkeep.

The question here is will Diamond move to his wife's ex-husband's house and sell the one Zari and her two children are currently living in? Or will he ask Zari to rent out Ivan's mansion in Sandton and stay with all the five children in their home in Pretoria? Or Zari's younger brother will stay with the three boys?

Many are wondering whether Diamond Platnumz will manage these kids and give them a better life than their father did. Ivan loved his sons more than anyone else and they always come first, from spending holidays in Dubai, Manchester, flying in first class and buying them designer shoes and clothes. Diamond

sure has a long way to go.

A tribute from Ivan's sons read:

"Dad, so many thoughts come to our mind whenever we speak of your name; it seems without you in our lives things will never be the same. We think of the good old days when we were still so little; consumed in your love, and in your smile. Those days are gone and no matter what we do, life will never be the same! Oh dad, if only we could turn back the hands of time and hear your voice once more, but God called you to a better place, so peaceful and free of pain. And when we see you sleeping, we can only wish the best for you.”

Zari and her sons went back to South Africa two days ago and she has already resumed duty, working at one of the colleges, while her sons are back in school.