Niki Manku weds Vimal Hunjan in colourful three day ceremony

Mr and Mrs Hunjan.
Mr and Mrs Hunjan.

Niki Manku (Jasveen) and Vimal Hanjun got married in a colourful week long ceremony at various venues around the city.

Their wedding was magnificently choreographed with numerous rituals that lasted for three days.

It began with the Maiyaan ritual, in which the bride is cleansed with turmeric powder.

This was followed by the Chunni ritual on Saturday morning and then the Churra ceremony before sunset. The bride’s maternal uncles adorn the bride with red bridal bangles washed in milk to purify them.

Another important aspect was the ceremony at the Sikh Temple, Pangani where Vimal had to prove his deserving to Niki’s family.

The wedding culminated in the final ceremony Doli. This signifies that she is officially being sent off to start a new life with her husband.

Asian Scene wishes the couple marital bliss!