Is having three meals a day really necessary?

I always dread the ‘tunapika nini supper?’ question as I keep busy

In Summary

• Gemini says the number of meals one eats is largely a matter of personal preference 

• I do not see the harm in surviving on just one meal a day or maybe two at most

Woman on phone preparing a meal from fresh vegetables
Woman on phone preparing a meal from fresh vegetables

I am at that age in life where I do not really see the need to eat three meals a day.  

Most of us went through school and were groomed into a culture where we knew having at least two or three meals a day is what is required.  

According to Gemini, there is no scientific reason to eating three meals a day.  

It states that the number of meals one eats is largely a matter of personal preference.  

The Generative AI quotes varying research, where some experts argue that intermittent fasting, which involves restricting food intake to an eight-hour window, is a healthy way to eat.  

“Others say that eating one meal a day can increase fasting glucose levels,” Gemini says.  

“Some experts generally recommend eating at least three meals a day and listening to your body’s hunger cues. 

“Skipping meals can cause a drop in blood sugar, which can make you feel tired, dizzy, sluggish, shaky and like you might pass out.” 

My whole point is I do not see the harm in surviving on just one meal a day or maybe two; I do not know, but yes.  

Don’t get me wrong, I love to eat a lot. 

However, my daily routine would not allow me to go without at least two meals and short breaks to have small bitings here and there.  

I have reached that point in life where so many things contribute to me having one meal a day on some days, and on other days, two meals, with small bitings taken at intervals.  

The biggest challenge is being asked, “Tunapika nini supper?” 

There is no question my twin sister and I dread like the one where we have to decide what to cook in the evening.  

We tried the whole Monday to Sunday timetable thing and even went to meal prepping, but I believe a few of you can relate to this. 

We can do the monthly shopping and still dread the question nevertheless.  

How I wish we were wealthy enough to a point where we hire a private chef and we wouldn’t have to be bothered about repeating meals in the same week or even have to decide what to cook.  

We can just let the chef even surprise us.  

That question is why I do not see the need to have a consistent three meals in a day.  

Like we can actually survive with one meal and bitings here and there.  

It’s not that serious, but it is equally okay to feel indifferent.  

At our parents’ houses is where we enjoy most because it reaches a point where skipping meals can make the body feel frail.

But when we are in their humble abodes, we do not feel the pressure because there is something always cooking.  

Moreover, if you think about it, don’t you think our mothers also struggle with the "what am I cooking for my family today" question? 

I think my twin and I also tend to distract ourselves with a whole lot of things to do that we reach a point where we ignore the eating part.  

On the other hand, there are days where I must obey the 'three meals a day' culture to a point where I convince myself if there was one thing I would spend all my money on, it is food.  

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