Campus dating: What to know before rushing into a relationship

Always ask yourself whether you can afford the costs that come with dating.

In Summary
  • Consider always what took you to University and whether there is a final degree called Bachelor of Dating.

A majority of campus students tend to rush into relationships and move in with their partners.

Several factors influence such decisions.

Relationship expert James Mbugua sat down with the Star to unpack this habit.

Why do many campus students rush into relationships?

There are many reasons why campus students rush into relationships. They include:

Social Pressure

There can be a social expectation or pressure to be in a relationship, especially in college or university settings where many peers are forming romantic connections.

Fear of Missing Out 

Students might rush into relationships because they fear missing out on the experiences their peers are having. They see others in relationships and want to have similar experiences.

Emotional Support

College can be a stressful time, and having a romantic partner can provide emotional support and companionship. Some students might rush into relationships seeking this kind of support.

Desire for Intimacy

Young adults may have a strong desire for intimacy and connection, and they may rush into relationships to fulfil this need for closeness and connection with another person.


Some students might rush into relationships because they feel lonely and believe that being in a relationship will alleviate their feelings of loneliness.

What are the negative effects of rushing into relationships?

Academic Distraction

 A new romantic relationship can consume a significant amount of time and emotional energy, potentially leading to distractions from academic responsibilities such as studying, attending classes, and completing assignments.

Social Isolation

Rushing into a relationship may lead individuals to prioritize their romantic partner over their friends and social circles, which can result in social isolation and strained relationships with other important people in their lives.

Unhealthy Attachment

Rushing into a relationship without taking the time to establish a strong foundation can lead to unhealthy attachment patterns, such as codependency or insecurity, which may negatively impact mental and emotional well-being.

Risk of Heartbreak

Rushing into a relationship increases the likelihood of getting emotionally invested before truly knowing the other person. This can make individuals more vulnerable to heartbreak if the relationship doesn't work out or if their partner is not who they initially thought they were.

Financial Strain

 Depending on the dynamics of the relationship, rushing into a serious commitment like cohabitation or shared expenses without adequate planning can lead to financial strain, especially for students who are still financially dependent on their families or who have limited resources.

Impact on Mental Health

The stress of navigating a new relationship while also managing academic responsibilities and other life challenges can take a toll on mental health, potentially leading to anxiety, depression, and other emotional difficulties.

"Anything rushed into may result in negative consequences," Mbugua said.

He also said that university students may appear exposed but unfortunately, they are mostly naïve. 

Are there any positive effects of rushing into relationships?

Depending on the motive, some relationships like study groups could be positive. Others include membership in clubs, and student groups among others.

What advice would you give campus students regarding dating?

Always ask yourself whether you can afford the costs that come with dating, why another student in your class has to be supported by you, why date and what are the results of dating.

Always consider what took you to University and whether there is a final degree called a Bachelor of Dating.

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