It is not all that bad to spend your money on travel

Do not visit new places only through your screen, step out there

In Summary

• Sometimes, we see the world through other people's points of view. 

• Other times, it is good to step out there and get the experience first hand but at a cost of course, which is not all that bad. 

Illustration of visa-free travel
Illustration of visa-free travel
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It is an African thing to think that spending money on leisure activities like travel as a waste and a totally foreign concept.

We are raised to believe that the money we make is for survival and provision for our families.

We are responsible for how we spend money to a point where, when payday comes, we take care of others first, pay for basic necessities and settle bills, and then whatever little is left can be for us.

Any extra expense that is considered a luxury has to be planned and accounted for, and while I agree with this to some extent, I believe that there is more to life and one should treat themselves.

Sometimes, treat yourself as a priority.

Whenever you can, no matter the circumstance, and if you are in a good position, always budget for a nice trip as a way to treat yourself.

Whether it is within your country or even outside, spend your money.

Call it “kurudishia mwili pole”.

Planning a trip solo or even with friends creates room for a change of environment and is a positive way of creating connections and being open-minded.

You get to unwind, work on your physical and mental well-being and try new activities that you have been planning to kick off your bucket list.

When you decide to step out of your comfort zone, there is a lot to learn about the Turkana way of life, the Tanzanian people, why Rwanda is considered the cleanest country in Africa, to even gaining new knowledge on the history of Kakamega forest.

Money comes and goes, but you can also use the same money to improve your quality of life.

Taking up that adventure is also a great way to create new memories as well as learn to be appreciative of one’s society and other people’s way of life.

It is a way of showing support to businesses and the economy at large.

One thing I love about social media is that there is a lot of travel content to consume that can even contribute to the planning of your trip.

It can be a spontaneous adventure but a little planning does not hurt, as long as in the end, memories are made and it also ends up becoming a fun, creative and eye-opening experience.

In as much as we get to see the world from other people’s points of view and we often do it from behind our screens, sometimes it is good to step out there and experience the place first-hand.

I understand that travel can sometimes be considered a luxury, but a simple adventurous activity that takes place in your hometown or a neighbouring town can be something worth paying for and being a part of.

There is also no timeline to travelling and enjoying oneself, but if you start at a younger age, the better.

Treat it as a way of investing in oneself and spending money to make oneself feel good and while at it, document the experience and share it if you would like to.

This way, you are moving away from visiting places from behind a screen to actively experiencing and also sharing your point of view. 

Perhaps you travelled by road and the trip was way cheaper than how you saw it online from another travel vlog.

You can share this experience and somebody else who has been looking for a way to get to that same destination on a budget can take up your advice on how to get there cheaply.

As a New Year resolution, I promised myself that I would take advantage of any opportunity to travel and experience a new place, whether the trip is work-related or not.

I have so far visited one new country since the year began, and I am definitely planning for another two or three visits, but on a budget, of course, so that I do not overspend.

I am at that point where I can travel to satisfy my soul, body and mind, and to be honest, I am loving it so far.

I will be sure to share my experience on the first country I visited this year.  

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