This year, I got over the fear women have of ageing

We are often told that 30 is so old but I can't wait till it's my turn

In Summary

• 2023 is going so fast, there is barely any time to stop and be present

• But maybe part of growing up is accepting that time goes by regardless

An old woman covers her face
An old woman covers her face

I keep telling people about how my recollection of events from the past three years has been a little blurry.

I think I tell as many people who will care to listen to me that I can no longer tell apart what happened in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

If I didn’t know any better, I would say that they were all a single year or two years mashed together.

Of course, the most notable thing that happened in 2020 was the beginning of the pandemic. That one is very clear in my brain.

In 2021, I guess the pandemic raged on a little further and maybe began to slow down.

I can’t tell. But Covid-19 was still with us.

In 2022, the most important thing I remember happening was the General Election.

And you know how big elections are to us Kenyans, they take up an entire year.

We vote in August, sure, but the elections begin way back in the year before the actual election.

Then the election passed and months later, we began a new year.

When I visualised what the new year would be like, I imagined something very different from the years preceding 2020.

And it was, thank God. Only it was running away from us.

Even now, I cannot believe that we are already in November, about to end the year.

Didn’t we just vote the other day?

Or have I gotten my happenings intertwined again?

I just feel like it went by (and is still going by) a little too fast for my own liking.

When a year goes slow, it’s a bit of a pain, but at least you can take some time to be in the moment.

However, when it goes too fast, you kind of struggle to find time to be in the moment, in my opinion.

I found myself, many times across the year, existing instead of living my life and being present.

Anyway, I am in a time of reflection at the moment, and I’m trying to take stock of what meaningful or otherwise things happened this year.

I recall now that I was a little apprehensive about turning a year older in 2023 as the year began.

I just entered my late twenties, which means that soon, I will enter my thirties.

I was so anxious about my new age that I almost drove myself into a nervous breakdown.

Thank God my birthday is in the middle of the year, so I have enough time to panic and get used to being a new age.

So, my birthday came and passed and I love my age right now.

I mean, I’m grown (sort of), I’m getting smarter with age, not to mention sexier.

And have you seen what ladies look like in their thirties?

They are absolute bombshells! I have a friend who turned 30 this year and she is fabulous. I can’t wait till I’m 30.

This year, I got past the debilitating internalised fear of ageing that women are conditioned to have. So that means I’m further growing up.

Adulting is such a wild trip. Just when you think you’re finally an adult, you realise that you are still a child.

Maybe next year, I’ll get over the fact that time passes by whether we want it to or not. It can pass faster when we want it to slow down or vice versa.

All we can wish for is to have more money in our bank accounts, regardless.

Oh, and good health, of course.

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