Gen Zs are changing office culture for the better, no?

For Gen Zs, any slight inconvenience in the workplace is a sign to act

In Summary

• Millennials would have wanted things to be different but lacked the courage and voice

• For baby boomers, I am sure they squirm in their chairs every time a Gen Z talks

Young colleagues engage in an office activity
Young colleagues engage in an office activity

Everyone’s office culture has been and is still different.

As a wholesome Gen Z with a touch of millennial energy, I have come across the terms 'entitled', 'privileged' and 'rush' a couple of times in numerous workspaces I have been in.

I recently came across a fellow Gen Z in some workplace I visited, who was called upon by one of her bosses because of how she had handled an account she was working on.

I silently followed the conversation as the office was an open space.

Based on my assessment, the young girl’s boss made a bit of a mess when handling some information in the account.

The boss was quick to call her out on a mistake that they (the boss) had made.

Props to that young lady, wherever she is.

The way she stood up for herself really made me dance a little inside.

If you were present during the back and forth, most of you would have sided with me on this one, and others would have felt differently.

I am so happy with how we Gen Zs handle things in the office today.

We are slowly transforming the workplace culture and most of the time, I think it is for the best.

“I was employed and quit my job simply because the work was a lot, the pay was little and the work environment was toxic,” a young Uber driver guy said to me.

A close friend said, “I feel like quitting my job because the working environment is too toxic but once you close that door, another door to a whole different level of toxicity opens.”

I raised the toxic work environment topic in a group talk and I think millennials should be rallying behind Gen Zs.

To be honest, millennials are the group that would have wanted things to be different for them, but they lacked the courage and voice.

For baby boomers, I am sure they squirm in their chairs every time a Gen Z talks.

It completely makes no sense that we should be forced to conform to some office traditions or rather specific ways of doing things.

With all honesty, please cut us some slack.

When we want instant gratification, we are told nothing comes that easy and in an instant.

That might make some sense, but still...

We are called out for making unrealistic demands and in most cases, they aren't as unrealistic as we are made to think.

This is a generation that has been raised a whole lot differently and brought up in a world that is modernising every single day.

We are a generation that does not believe in a 9 to 5 but would rather make a living off being influencers or indulging in travel vlogging to earn a living.

Even with the 9 to 5 job, there are some ways we would expect an office culture to look like.

There are some traditions that can and must be upheld, and there are others that need to adapt to the changing times.

Can you really blame us for being bold, dressing differently and handling things uniquely?

With this generation, any slightest inconvenience is handled as a sign to take action.

I believe we can avoid dismissing Gen Zs because it is evident they are trailblazing in their own way and should be embraced for being different.

No matter how you treat or address this generation, if your work environment is toxic, find the problem and fix it.

If it is “not giving”, embrace the feedback, understand it the best you can, and find out what it is exactly that is “not giving”.

I am sure if some were given the boldness Gen Zs have, they would have been unstoppable.

Kudos to Gen Zs for always speaking up in workspaces, changing the narrative in their spaces and always knowing what they want.

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