Why your vaginal lubrication is important

Lack of it can make sex painful and uncomfortable

In Summary

• If experiencing vaginal dryness, you are advised against rushing to penetrate during sex 

• Take your time to try foreplay. It may help the vagina become lubricated thus more receptive during penetrations


A woman's vagina ought to be naturally wet. Especially when aroused  sexually. 

Engaging in sexual activity without enough lubrication can result in what is known as a non-obstetric vaginal tear. 

A non-obstetric vaginal tear is a tear in the vagina that is not as a result of child birth. 

Such a tear in the vagina comes with prolonged bleeding, which  can be very serious.

The most common cause of a non-obstetric vaginal tear is sexual activity with not enough lubrication or when the vagina is totally dry. 

Women have a hormone called oestrogen, which plays a significant role during sex. 

The hormone is in charge of keeping the vagina wet and moist.

Oestrogen lubricates the vagina and maintains its elasticity and thickness. 

Because the hormone is quite important to a woman's sexual and reproductive health, it is important to ensure it remains at peak level. 

Therefore, women are advised against smoking tobacco and excess alcohol intake as such activities reduce the oestrogen levels in a woman's body. 

Additionally, excess emotional stress levels and certain drugs like birth control pills can lower the oestrogen levels in a woman's body. 

There are also natural causes to low oestrogen levels in a woman's body. 

When a woman is breastfeeding or when she gets to menopause, her oestrogen levels naturally drop. At this point, the vaginal dryness may be out of their control. 

If experiencing vaginal dryness, you are advised against rushing to penetrate during sex. 

Take your time to try foreplay. It may help the vagina become lubricated, thus more receptive during penetration.  

One may also opt to use a lubricant. Saliva is not a lubricant. 

For condoms, a water-based one will work better than an oil-based one, which can be predisposed to tear. 

Your lubrication as a woman is, therefore, an essential part of sexual arousal and the act itself. 

Your lubrication helps make sexual intercourse more comfortable and pleasurable, not only to you but also your partner. 

When there is insufficient or lack of lubrication, sex can turn out to be painful and uncomfortable. 

Lack of lubrication increases the risk of injury to the delicate tissues of the vagina as well as the vulva.

Men, too, can get blisters if they engage in sex with a woman who lacks enough vaginal lubrication. 

Additionally, vaginal lubrication can help reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections. 

This is because the moist environment in a lubricated vagina reduces the friction that occurs during sex, which can lead to microscopic tears in the vaginal tissues, allowing easy access of disease-causing bacteria into the bloodstream. 

A woman's lubrication is also important for her fertility. 

The natural lubrication in the vagina helps to create a hospitable  environment for sperm, making it easier for them to reach and fertilise an egg.

In conclusion, vaginal lubrication is an important and natural part of sexual arousal and intercourse, and it plays an important role in maintaining sexual health and pleasure for both partners.

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