Different ways to style your oversized shirt

An over sized shirt can marry many outfits from casual, classic, to trendy.

In Summary
  • You can pull a cute and comfy outfit with an over sized shirt.
  • Pair it with wide legged pants, and denim shorts.
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A white oversized shirt Photo courtesy of pinterest

An oversized shirt can marry many outfits from casual, and classic, to trendy.

You can pull a cute and comfy outfit with an oversized shirt.

When styling your oversized shirt, opt for pieces with details that are a pattern or a pop colour, consider the occasion.

When shopping for an oversized shirt,  always choose a shirt that is two sizes bigger than your regular fit.

Here are ways you can achieve a glam, cute, comfy look with an oversized shirt.

Tuck into shorts

Pair it with wide-legged pants, and denim shorts.

Half-tuck it into your shorts to have a relaxed chic tuck. Pair the look with white sneakers or flats.

Tuck into jeans

Pair it with fitting jeans to balance the oversized top by creating a laid-back outfit.

Tuck the oversized shirt into the jeans.

Style as a mini dress

Depending on its length when you wear it, an oversized shirt can pass for a mini-shirt dress.

You can pair this outfit with wedges or ankle boots and a black leather jacket.

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