Twelve must-have items in a ladies handbag

A woman should always be prepared for all manner of emergencies.

In Summary

• Sanitary pads, tissue paper, wet wipes and a mirror are key essentials. 

• Pain killers, note book, perfume and a mirror are the other essential items ladies must always carry with them.

A lady holding a handbag
A lady holding a handbag

There are essentials that ladies cannot afford to walk around with in their handbags.

A woman should always be prepared for all sorts of emergencies as they go about their daily activities. 

Some of the items fall under the necessities category by virtue of inevitable biological reactions of the female anatomy.

Pads/sanitary towels

As most if not all women will agree, nothing is more dreadful than getting caught off-guard by your periods in a public place and yet you don't have an emergency sanitary pad.  

The monthly visitors can sometimes 'show up' at the least expected moment. 

As a lady, you need to be prepared for such emergencies at all times by always carrying a sanitary towel, tampon or pad in your handbag. 

This is not only for your own benefit but for the benefit of a fellow female who may be caught off off-guard as well. Offer them one if this happens.

Tissue paper

Tissue paper is the other important item that should never miss in a woman's handbag. 

Tissue comes in handy when you get into a restroom that has ran out of stock or when you want to clean up surfaces before using them.

Wet wipes

These are also as essential as tissue paper. They come in handy during emergencies such as in washrooms without tissue, cleaning dusty or stained seats, wiping the nose and sweaty face or wiping off food stains on your clothes. 

A mirror

As stated above, a time comes when you as a lady will need to spruce up a little bit in the course of the day.

This may be by way of cleaning your nose or dubbing your face to rid it of dust or sweat. A mirror will come in handy to ensure you do a superb job. 

You may also need to check if you have food remains stuck on your teeth. 

Wallet or purse

This should actually be at the top of your list. You need a purse to put in your credit cards and cash.


Packing several tablets of pain painkillers is considered an essential requirement not just for women but men as well. 

But for purposes of this article, ladies need painkillers to sooth their menstrual cramps that occasionally hit some women. 

Popping a pill or two will help alleviate the pain. 

A lady carrying a handbag
A lady carrying a handbag


This is a must have in your bag as a lady. It is key in case you will need to note down important information that may pop up in the course of doing your daily activities.

Mints or chewing gum

A lady should always have some mints or gum in her bag to ensure her breath is always fresh all through the day.


Smelling good for a lady goes hand-in-hand with having fresh breath. Carrying your perfume with you wherever you go will ensure you freshen up when you start feeling a bit sweaty.

Hand lotion 

This is important for you as a lady to keep moisturising your hands during the day. 

Make up kit

A make up kit is probably one major thing every woman should have in her bag. 

Your make-up bag should include at least a mascara, an eyeliner and lipstick or lip gloss.

These three products will do the trick for you by ensuring your face looks made matte all through the day with periodic dubs here and there.

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