My tough journey to parenthood

Woman (name withheld) helped to bear by IVF shares her testimony

In Summary

• I rose from self-pity after stumbling on contacts that connected me to fertility doctor

A nurse walks into a fertility centre
A nurse walks into a fertility centre

When I got married in 2013 to the love of my life, I knew that my journey to paradise had just begun. I could not wait to be a mother.

I monitored my periods with anxiety. One two, three, four, five, six…Eleven months of waiting, but no baby bulge to flaunt. After three years, my anxiety swiftly graduated to depression. 

Five years later, my husband became overwhelmed with the idea of being childless.

He suddenly turned cold and less interested in me.

“Why don’t we visit a herbalist. I suspect there is something wrong with you,” suggested my husband in 2016.

I was so desperate to get a child. I did not give it a second thought. “Let’s leave right now,” I replied.

We left immediately. She gave me a bottle filled with brown liquid. The herbalist advised me to drink one cup of the strange liquid before copulating with my husband.

However, my situation worsened. I started to experience sharp abdominal pains. 

In one of my solitary moments of self-pity, I read a long emotional post shared in a Facebook group.

It was about a couple who had struggled with fertility problems for 15 years but they were now parents. The couple, read the post, had successfully undergone IVF treatment at Fertility Point Clinic, Nairobi. 

“That’s our next destination,” my husband declared. 

I nodded in agreement and searched for Fertility Point Clinic on the Internet. The clinic’s physical address and contact details were on their website.

I called one of the numbers. The receptionist advised me to book an appointment. 

The following morning, my husband and I drove to Fertility Point Clinic.  The doctor inquired about our medical history. He also did a physical examination. 

The tests confirmed that we were incapable of naturally siring a baby together since my husband’s semen was too thick for sperms to swim.

In my case, it was established that my fallopian tubes were blocked.

We were advised to embrace In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). The physician explained in detail all the stages of IVF. 

The IVF procedure took 25 days. In June 2018, our first child was born.  We are expecting our second-born child later this year.

Yes, I am a proud parent. Thank you Fertility Point Nairobi for helping me realise my biggest dream.

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