Why your jewellery is becoming dull

Poor storage and lack of proper care dulls your jewellery.

In Summary

• Poor storage and lack of proper care dulls your jewellery.

• Nail polish is a good tarnish preventer.

cleaned out jewellery
cleaned out jewellery

If you are a jewellery owner and you wonder why your favourite pieces are dull, perhaps there are things you are not doing that you should incorporate into your routine.

Your jewellery should sparkle, but lack of proper care and storage leaves them exposed to dust, soaps, water and lotions leaving them to look like coated metals.

First and foremost, you should have a jewellery box before you even get the right supplies to get started.

Sort your rings, necklaces, bangles and earrings in separate boxes and in separate positions (don’t stash them together).

How to properly care for your gems

Never wear jewellery when swimming

Chlorine and saltwater can damage the pieces

Remove rings

When you are washing your hands when cleaning the house when applying moisturisers and hand creams as well as applying beauty products

Wipe your jewellery

After the days slaying, just like the way you do your skincare. Polish your jewellery with a dry soft cloth to remove the body oils and perfumes that can yellow and steal their shine

Wear it!

Silver tends to lose its shine if it is not worn. It is the friction that slows down the tarnishing. Use dish soap, baking soda and toothpaste to clean them after a day’s wear.

 Use dish soap and warm water for cleaning brass then dry them out, then apply mineral oil before polishing.

As for gold, with a little dish soap and warm water soak them for five minutes and use a soft brush to remove dirt that is trapped. Dry out with a soft cloth.

Apply a coat of clear nail polish

This coating prevents the chemicals from reacting with your skin and it helps gold and silver paint to stay in place.

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