Small business ideas to make extra money

In Summary

• While it's true that not everything online is legit, there are some ways that you can really earn money.

• However, you must know what is possible and what is simply unrealistic and you must allocate some time for the side gig.

Piggy bank used to illustrate being broke
Piggy bank used to illustrate being broke

Are you frustrated with the kind of money that you make from your 9 to 5 job? Do you want to earn some extra cash?

Well, then you can opt for any of the multiple ways to make some extra side money. While it's true that not everything online is legit, there are some ways that you can really earn money.

You just have to identify if the job is a gimmick or not! When you start making the extra money, you gain confidence and make the desired changes in your lifestyle.

However, you must know what is possible and what is simply unrealistic and you must allocate some time for the side gig.

There are uncountable ways that you can make some side money. However, you must be alert and ensure that it is not a fraudulent trap.  

Crypto Trading 

There are numerous online platforms like bitcoin rush that give you the opportunity to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Keep in mind that it will require some capital and has certain risks involved. If you are sure about this, conduct extensive market research on the platform estate type you want to invest in and then make the decision.

Open a podcast

If you are comfortable recording yourself for the public, then you can try podcasting. For this, you will need the necessary sound equipment. Then, you must select an appealing topic and dedicate it to gathering a loyal consumer base. Once you have gathered enough audience, you can look for various ways of monetizing it. 

Write an ebook

Do you have a passion for writing? Well, then you can work on penning an ebook. The best suggestion is to select a topic that is relevant while assessing your skill in writing it. Moreover, you can also get in touch with various publishing platforms to sell e-books. They will charge a commission based on your sales. 

Offer advice online

Offering advice might work better if you have some years of professional experience. You can reach out to different platforms that hire experts to offer unsolicited advice. Now, you can offer suggestions based on your field. It is an excellent way to earn money by sharing your experience and personal opinions. 

Travel writing

Having a passion for travel can actually help you to earn money. You can start writing interesting travel blogs. Make sure that it is different from the others available online. However, it might be slightly difficult to earn money from it if you cannot sell it. For this, either you have to create a blog, or you have to sell it to other travel websites. 

Build handmade items

Designing and building handmade items can actually help you make some serious cash. For instance, you can make jewellery, greeting cards, etc. Handmade objects are trending at the moment. People seem to desire objects that have a personal touch. You can then look out for sites where you can sell these items. It is advisable that you keep the price average at first. 

Online marketing

Building a website is only the start of an online business. It must have efficient SEO and SEM campaigns in order to gain maximum revenues. Now, if you have some skills in handling SEO or SEM strategies, then you can look for such jobs on various platforms. Here, you will have to take notice of the content and make suitable changes. 


Freelancing gives you the opportunity to work remotely without the numerous restrictions of the day job. You can find various sites that offer freelancing jobs. Now, depending on your skill, you can choose the work. You can provide online marketing services, writing blogs, tutoring different subjects, creating webinars, etc. 

Be an influencer

If you are eager to develop a personal brand, then you can try Instagram. Here, even non-celebs can garner a substantial following. When you accumulate a certain volume of followers, you can make money from selling products, sponsored posts, selling ads, etc. 

Sell photographs and videos

Do you have an advanced camera? If you have the skill to capture rare moments or frame the most ethereal views, then you can make money from it. There are numerous websites that will pay you a substantial amount in exchange for the photos. Moreover, you can also sell videos. With the help of this, you can also build up a portfolio.