Why Nameless will never join politics

He is contributing differently to society behind the scenes

In Summary

• He has thought of it but chosen to work on 'more productive' areas

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David Mathenge, alias Nameless, says he will never involve himself with politics because he was not made for it.

Speaking to Word Is, Nameless says once you become a politician, you should prepare yourself to play dirty games.

"I have thought about joining politics several times, but I realised I am not made for it," he said.


"I feel like I can contribute differently and that is what I am working on behind the scenes, then I will speak about it some time."

Nameless was an official member of Prisk, representing performers in music and dramatic works for over five years.

During his time there, Nameless says he aimed to help fellow musicians, but some of the people he met there were so political.

"I left to concentrate on the things I am passionate about," he said.