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With Christmas around the corner, the sports betting world is abuzz with activities. So what special things happened in sports betting this week? Whether you are a player on sites like Betway or have been playing for a while, the holiday season does get exciting. It’s also a time of the year when we see many Betway players in action than other times of the year.

Let's take a look!

Cardinals Player Suspended by NFL

Arizona Cardinals player Josh Shaw has been suspended by the NFL for betting on matches. He will most probably sit through the entire 2020 season, as reports suggest. This is the first time the NFL banned a player for betting after the repeal of PASA in 2018.


Josh hasn't been playing and was placed in the injured reserved. He is accused of betting on several games, including a parlay on Arizona Cardinals game at a Caesars sportsbook in Las Vegas.

The statement from the NFL, however, does not mention if the bets were illegal, or if Josh used any inside information.

Florida Seminoles Missing from Sports Betting

The Seminole Indians have a big say on ay gambling that happens in Florida. After all, they own seven casinos in the state!

But things could change soon following the conflict between the tribe and the state. Recently, Sen. Jeff Brandes has tabled a draft sports betting bill that excluded the Seminoles. It seems the state is looking for more betting avenues outside the Seminole casinos.

Sports Betting in Virginia?

We may soon see the folks of Virginia taking part in sports betting if everything goes according to plans. The state has conducted a study to determine the feasibility of sports betting and come up with favorable findings.

Virginia is expected to earn mobile betting revenues of $400 million after only four years of operation. Retail betting, on the other hand, would add only $63 million in revenues.

The state is also planning to open five casinos by 2024, though mobile betting may be introduced earlier.

New Jersey and Nevada Crosses $1 Billion in Handle


Nevada and New Jersey recorded a sports betting handle of over $1 billion in the month of October. This is the first time the two states surpassed the mark of $1 billion after the repeal of PASA in 2018.

Nevada is always at the forefront in terms of betting handle. Regional sports has played a big part in attracting new bettors and contributing towards the growing handle.

For New Jersey, it's a new record fueled by the popularity of mobile sports betting apps.

Don't Miss Out on Pennsylvania Betting Sites

Sports bettors in Pennsylvania are signing up on all the available sports betting sites. Why?

Because they want to make as much money as possible!

The state now has seven sports betting providers, including DraftKings and Unibet. The folks in Pennsylvania have got plenty of options to capitalize on the best deals!

That's it for now! Tune in next week for more updates.