‘Pekejeng’ makes pastor want to kill himself

The explicit and immoral content of Sheng songs are not music to his ears

In Summary

• While the importance of music is to entertain and educate, most Sheng' songs only spoil the youth, he says

Pastor Paul Kuria
Pastor Paul Kuria
Image: Elizabeth Ngigi

Controversial Pastor Paul Kuria, popularly known as Man Kush is angry. He wants all Sheng songs banned.

While the importance of music is to entertain and educate, most Sheng' songs only spoil the youth, he says. They are either talking about sex, encouraging the use of drugs or promoting other vices.


Speaking to the Star, Man Kush said the young generation is being taught bad manners by supporting artistes in releasing the 'Wamlambez' kinda songs.


So, Sailors, the group behind the hit song 'Wamlambez' did 'Pekejeng', a song that has been trending in the streets. We asked to know if Man Kush has heard the song.

He said the last time he heard that word was a few years ago, when someone was caught having sex with a dog in Mwea.

"The guy who was narrating used those words. He said, 'Tulimpata na mbwa akipekejeng pekejeng'," he said.

"So artistes are corrupting the minds of the youth, but the problem with the society is they are embracing and adopting those words and using them."

He mentioned another song you all know, 'Lamba Lolo', which means giving a blow job but has become a way of telling someone off. "What are you telling young people when they grow up?" Kush said.

Recently, controversial gospel artiste Willy Paul was trending again after releasing ‘Lamba Nyonyo’, which means lick a boob. The lyrics include, "Hey Ras, I am at home and I have lasses. Come over because it's been a while since you licked boobs."

Man Kush says the country is lacking morals. A song could be banned in Tanzania but be played in Kenya. 'Nyegezi' by Diamond Platnumz is a good example. Try attending a bash when schools are closed and you will see all the dirty songs being played there.


Kush says most of the songs done by the new crop of artistes can't be watched by parents with their children. "You will feel like killing yourself as a man of God," he said.

Who is to blame? "The leadership because they are corrupt. Young people are many, so when they release a song, they get money, they end up doing more dirty songs," he said.

Which music is Man Kush listening to? "There is no music in Kenya right now but pornography. My question is who will be tomorrow's leaders. All media houses should also take part in and ban that music from their airplay. Who is going to bring them together?" he said.

"Either the church is sleeping or the teachers who are supposed to teach morals are sleeping because one person cannot teach everyone in the country."

He encourages every parent to take their responsibilities. "Do you wonder why we have parental guidance on TV broadcasts? It's to protect the children from watching adult content," he said.

Trending dirty songs done in Sheng' include 'Pandana' by Ethic, 'Pekejeng' by Sailors, 'Queen B' by Sailors and 'Zimenishika' by Ochunglo Family.