'Ndukulu' and other Sheng words for drugs parents should know

Kids could talk about drugs and even order them next to you, and you don't understand what they are saying

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• Sheng words to pay keen to when your children are on holiday

Bhang plant
Bhang plant
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As a parent, are you happy to have your kid home, or are you worried because they will be under your care?

Well, while most parents are going to be busy at work, their children will be in the estates, engaging with their peers, who are also on holiday, which is a good thing.

I spoke to one parent who said although they are happy to have the children back home, these are the most dangerous seasons, as most children are now free and could meet bad people who introduce them to drugs.


"The boyz and yengz in our estate are not all good?" I said, and the parent asked what I meant.


As most parents concentrate on speaking English and Kiswahili at home, their children are out there, learning how to abuse drugs. What's more, they could talk about them and even order them next to you, and you don't understand what they are saying. 


Take, for example, this phone conversation between your son and maybe his friend. "Bruh! Jana nilikua maji singekam." Kukua maji sounds simple to understand, but some parents will be baffled.

Parents, here are some Sheng words to pay keen attention to when your children are on holiday.

Alcohol in sheng' has several names, including tei, ndogogio and gauge. Tobacco is referred to as kuber, while bhang' has the most synonyms. Weed, ndom, ndukulu, tiree, vela, kushkush and mbichwa.

Bhang can be in the form of edibles like cookies, chocolates and even in cakes. Cigarettes are also referred to as fuaka. Kama kawaida, parents kaeni rada, meaning be on the lookout!