How comedians are shaping the music scene

In Summary

• Comedians are branching into music to remain relevant, gain traction for their works and explore new markets

Kenyan comedians are now starting to wear multiple hats: show hosts, radio presenters, actors and emcees. But it’s the time they spent creating and delivering jokes that has actually driven them to venture into various fields. Now we are starting to see more comedians venture into music and competing to solidify their places in the music scene.

Don’t get it wrong, comedians have been greatly involved in music from back in the day. A good example would be an act like Kajairo, whose character as a comedian thrived on musical parodies. He paved the way for others like Propesa, Padi Wubonn and Eric Omondi.

Recently, we saw Eric Omondi, Mulamwa, Kartelo and Mammito deliver a hilarious parody of Sol Generation’s hit “Extravaganza”, which saw the inclusion of more comical acts in the music scene.

Now we are starting to see an increase of our top comedians releasing or being part of original tracks. It’s beginning to look like a wave, with some of these acts casting their nets wider.

DJ Shiti is one such creative who has been trying his luck in the music scene, appearing on collaborative efforts like “Boychild”, which featured Magix Enga and Alvindo. Last year, we saw Njugush make an appearance on Fena Gitu’s “Sijaskia Vibaya”.

With one of the most unexpected moves of the year, comedian Eddie Butita teamed up with King Kaka and DJ Shiti on the track “Kidesign”. With a history of influencing the masses through their jokes, we are starting to see a rise in comedians making music. 

It’s actually starting to look like comedians are the most hardworking creatives in the Kenyan entertainment scene now. For them, it’s about having the hottest joke and probably being the popular meme of the moment.

Branching into music, whether by creating parodies or original singles, is a way of ensuring they remain relevant, gain traction for their works and explore new markets that could eventually get them paid.

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