Dingah App seeks to end Kenya's car hire industry woes

Dingah App to automate the Kenya car hire industry
Dingah App to automate the Kenya car hire industry

Ever gone through difficulties of hiring a personal vehicle or a heavy equipment vehicle for commercial use, worry no more.

Dingah is Kenya's first App which will sorts out all your transportation needs by connecting car hire providers and drivers or chauffeurs to prospective clients.

The App is currently available on Google Play Store.

If one isn't in a position to drive their own vehicle as a result of fatigue or from a night out, one can request for a driver and get an approximate distance and cost.

A client can also order for a car to hire by getting a professional chauffeur or by self drive basis to your preferred destination for the day(s) you require it and return it without any extra cost.

Additionally, those who want to move homes are able to receive such services all at the comfort of their smartphones.

Steven Omollo, the app developer, said it also provides a platform for hiring heavy commercial vehicles to be used on one's site.

It has option of calling for trucks to deliver farm produce and tractors in case of those who want their farms ploughed.

Omollo stated that one is just required to register as a user, driver or a car owner and then fill the required details.

Car owners and drivers are also required to upload all the necessary documents and images.