You can now move content between phones with touch of button

Users can move content from between phones with the touch of a button. COURTESY
Users can move content from between phones with the touch of a button. COURTESY

Transferring files between two devices has been a problem to many people keeping in mind that most applications usually fail or hang before they complete the transfer.

Security too during sharing files is important as when you are sharing sensitive information probably that which is work related if that information is received by another person it might bring damage to the source.

“Phone Clone” is a seamless “One Touch” experience by Huawei that is available to download for all smartphones on Google play and App store for free.

The innovative application enables the transfer of files efficiently from all smartphone devices to the next, allowing users to move content between phones with the touch of a button that is also user-friendly and convenient for everyone.

It will now be easier to share files while in the office and even a bigger boost to those who love music.

You can now use this app to share music to other devices without having to check what make the other device is.

The app is compatible with both iOS and Android and offers users more comprehensive support.

The Phone Clone feature also provides users with a solution to data transfer problems that often arise for those attempting to transfer content to a new device; which are particularly pertinent in cases where users attempt to transfer data between phones of different manufacturers and operating systems.

Cloning, as the name suggests, indicates the seamless, smooth copy or transfer of data, which the Phone Clone provides.

The application allows transfer of data from contacts, messages or any other personal data, or even multimedia like photos, music and videos free of cost and without any prior registration requirement. Phone Clone allows transfer of data without using any mobile network or the constant need to reset the transfer for various file formats.

In most cases of data transfer, an SD card is usually utilized to transfer data from the old device to the card and then on to the new phone through the insertion of the SD card which is usually a long and time-consuming process. This process has been proven ineffective in multiple cases with content being overlooked as users are challenged to locate all the contacts, photos, etc. on the old device.

Bluetooth, which is another often used method employed for the transfer of data, has limitations in terms of the slow transfer time in cases where heavy images and videos are being transferred to a new device.

The feature has the ability to process and seamlessly transfer hundreds of megabytes of data in multiple formats within in a matter of minutes.