Twitter unveils direct messaging interface akin to WhatsApp

The Twitter logo
The Twitter logo

Twitter has unveiled several changes to its direct messaging service, bringing it a step closer to applications such as Apple's iMessage and Facebook's Messenger.

The company

announced the new features in a short video posted on its account on Wednesday.

The platform, the provider said: "Will be more dynamic than ever with read receipts, typing indicators, and web link previews,"

What this means is that users will be notified that their messages have been delivered and read with a series of ticks.

"Once a message has been sent, a grey tick will indicate the message has been delivered," the statement said.

The notifications of read receipts will be indicated by a blue tick.

In the case of more than one recipient, the ticks will only turn blue once everyone has read the message.

Users will also see three little dots pulsating next to the person’s picture when a message is being replied to.

"The typing indicator will also be available both on Android and iOS," Twitter said.