5-Minute-Interview: A dying man told me ‘Thank you, friend’

George Karethiu
George Karethiu

I'm good at….driving. I've been driving my father's pick-up since I was in Standard six.

I'm very bad at….getting angry. I am always happy.

The last book I enjoyed reading is...the Bible

The most surprising thing that happened to me is…when a man died in my hands while I was taking him to hospital. Before he died he said: “Thank you friend".

A common misconception about me is…I

am emotionless and I trust everybody.

One of my worst childhood fears was…getting caught on the wrong side of the law.

My ideal night out is…having coffee outdoors as we share on our challenges and successes.

In another life I'd have been...just myself. God created me to be who I am today and that remains forever.

If I was a politician, I would......deliver all the promises I made to my people. I would also spread love and see to it that people love one another.

The best age to be is...my present age, because what I do now is a mandate of tomorrow.

The best part of my job is....being among the people because we share ideas that improve our lives.

My greatest regret is…working on item or project then it fails.

Living people I most admire…my parents. My mother loves us all and does not discriminate against any of us. She is a devoted Christian. My father is extremely disciplined and is a man of integrity.

My greatest achievements are…running my own beauty shop, Jaw-G Hair Salon N Cosmetics.

My favourite author is....Ben Carson.

My greatest possession is…my family.

If I was to die in five minutes, my last words would be….Confess your sins and pray for each other so that you may be healed.

George Karethiu

is a proprietor of Jaw-G Hair Salon and Cosmetics in Runyenjes town.