5-Minute-Interview: I always pray for six hours every day


I’m good at…….praying. I pray for six hours every day.

I’m bad at……eating. I feel like eating does not feed my spirit.

The last book I enjoyed reading is…..the Bible.

A common misconception about me……I am emotionless. I trust no one easily.

My worst childhood fears were……death and getting caught in the wrong crowd.

My ideal night out is……praise and worship vigil.

In another life I would have been…..me.

If I was a politician, I would……be a leader elected by the people for the people. I would ensure that during my tenure, I deliver on the promises made to the people. I would do more and talk less.

I would also spread the Gospel as I am an ambassador of Christ.

The best age to be is……my present age.

The best part of my job is….spreading the love of God.

My greatest regret is…..hanging around the wrong crowds when I was young and I was looking for life’s answers in all the wrong places and putting my energy into things that were unproductive. I feel I disrupted God’s purpose for many.

Historical figure I admire……..my father. He was extremely disciplined and a man of integrity. He stood for respect, principles and his faith.

Living leader I admire……my mother. Being in a polygamous marriage, she loves us all and does not discriminate against any of the children. In her eyes we are all her children. She is also a very devout Christian.

My greatest possession is….My Bible and the Holy Spirit.

If I was to die in five minutes my last words would be……….Praise Jesus! He is my all.



is the director of Elizabeth's Binns.