Venue Review

The space lounge and grill, Ngong Road.
The space lounge and grill, Ngong Road.

Venue review: The Space Lounge & Grill, Ngong Road

It was the Friday night that ended the longest January in recorded history that found me at The Space Lounge on Ngong Road. I had been out with some friends who just happened to live on that part of town so when the discussion of where next, they were very happy to recommend this new place.

When we got there across from the well known Prestige Plaza, using Uber of course, we were accosted by this place which had a gate at the entrance with security guards. After the usual frisking we walked in and to our left there were high-end four-wheel drive vehicles on sale in a unique incline feature.

We made our way in proper and here we experienced an extremely large venue. The downstairs area had an open area with glass blocks which sort of made a dance floor with a DJ at the centre spinning some of the latest music around. There were also the building section of the club which was divided into several sections both in the downstairs and upstairs area.

We sought out a place to drink at the time, which was around 11:30pm, and already packed. We had to settle for some seats at the back of the building. At that part of the building there was also what looked to be a car wash which would probably be very popular if you want to do that while having a drink.

We settled down and ordered my cold Tusker which was retailing at Sh250, which is pricey for me – but I have to live with in this crazy Nairobi.

Eventually, my eyes were attracted to the TV screens, where English football team Manchester United were huffing and puffing and trying to thwart the attempts of Derby County claiming their biggest scalp at the FA cup competition.

The crowd here was that eclectic mix of folks between the ages of the mid 20s to the mid 40s with the vast majority in the 25-35 age bracket. They were evenly distributed between men and women.

A quick recap of the venue:

Good: Great décor, party zone with celebrity DJs coming through often, dance floor, TV for the fanatics, clean washrooms, disability friendly, emergency exits sorted.

Bad: Because of the crowds service can get dodgy, it can get really packed which might not work for the claustrophobic.

My verdict: You have come here to party as well as to see and be seen.