Shah Rukh Khan refunds 50% to Dilwale distributors

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan refunds Dilwale distributors 50%

December 2015 saw the release of the Rohit Shetty directed film


featuring Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. The film produced by Red Chillies and Rohit Shetty Productions, despite featuring a star studded cast and insane promotions, did not perform as expected at the box office. However, months after its release, we now hear that Shah Rukh Khan, whose production company Red Chillies took over the distribution of the film in India, has decided to partially refund the individual distributors for losses incurred.

Speaking at a recent press conference, Shah Rukh said, "I don't think the film has done as well as it should have. I am personally disappointed with that."
According to our reports, Shah Rukh has refunded close to Rs. 25 cr to cover up 50% loss to distributors asking them to bear the rest. However, sources close to the actor mention that he has in fact, prima facie also consented to these distributors getting first right of refusal for his next release

However, the interesting part here is that music rights of the film were sold to Sony for Rs. 18 cr ensuring Shah Rukh quite literally made a killing on the project earning close to Rs. 150+ crores as profit!

This is not the first time Shah Rukh Khan has had to refund distributors. In 2001 and 2005, Khan refunded the individual distributors of his films Asoka (Eros) and Paheli (UTV), after both films underperformed at the box office.
With this news we guess SRK is indeed a 'Bade Dilwala' and a large hearted



Actor Om Puri and his wife Nandita have opted for judicial separation after 26 years of marriage.
After things turned ugly between them following her biography Unlikely Hero: The Story of Om Puri

of the actor, Om Puri and Nandita decided to live separately without opting for a divorce with the actor getting visiting rights to his son Ishaan, 18.
"The court order came last week. It was a clash of our sensibilities. This happens with people so there is nothing unusual in it. Nandita and I are supposed to only talk in regards to Ishaan's education and welfare," Om Puri told PTI over phone from Mumbai.

His lawyer Jalaja Nambiar said the couple would have separate lives without divorcing each other.
"Mr Puri wanted divorce but because things started going haywire, he opted for an amicable settlement and the court granted them judicial separation under which they are a married couple legally but have their separate lives and cannot interfere in each other's affairs," she said.

Nandita, who had earlier filed a domestic violence case against the actor, seemed more positive.
"There were no terms. Everything happened peacefully. We are living separately till we get back. We have withdrawn all cases against each other," she told PTI.

When asked whether she was hopeful about reconciling, she said, "I don't know."
Nandita and Om Puri's differences came out in open with the release of his biography

that his wife wrote.


The Aamir Khan-Sunny Leone alliance, having begun serendipitously, appears to be progressing in leaps and bounds. Aamir, 50, was recently in New Delhi filming


and learnt that the 34-year-old actress happened to be in the city at the same time. An lunch invite was extended to her and her husband Daniel Weber followed, reports

Mumbai Mirror.
After the lunch meet that extended way into the evening, Aamir then extended an invitation to them to visit him on set the next day," the report quotes a source as saying.
On set, Sunny Leone "obliged everyone with selfies and while leaving, gave him (Aamir) a warm hug."
This unlikely friendship began last month when Sunny Leone was the subject of an uncomfortable TV interview that was widely criticized as sexist, judgmental and unfair. Aamir Khan ended up tweeting in her defence.

Leave Preity Zinta's 'Marriage Announcement' to Her Please, Folks

Actress Preity Zinta is miffed with all the rumours surrounding her impending marriage plans. The actress said that she is fed up of "manufactured news."

Preity was reported to have been getting married on Valentine's Day this year.
"I am actually fed up of manufactured news," wrote Preity on Twitter. "Can you leave my marriage announcement to me please? After all it's my life. Till then, leave me alone," she added.
The actress last seen in 2014's

Happy Ending also wrote that she was tired of speculations regarding her personal life.



When Sridevi was only 13, she played Rajinikanth's stepmom in a Tamil film called 'Moondru Mudichu'.