Am I 'hysterical'? Will I get 'womb fury'?

Am I 'hysterical'? Will I get 'womb fury'?
Am I 'hysterical'? Will I get 'womb fury'?

“Valentine, I am a 21-year-old virgin and I would like to know whether it is true that if you stay a virgin for a long time you are likely to get womb fury. Recently I have fallen sick several times and each time a doctor mentions hysteria.”

I do not know whether to laugh or cry. The doctor(s) you have seen are con-artists. Hysteria was first issued as a diagnosis by male doctors over a hundred years ago. Very little research had been done on women, our bodies and how they function and the diagnosis ‘hysteria’ was doled out as a catch-all for everything from unhappiness in one’s marriage, to sexual dissatisfaction and depression.

There is even a

hysterical movie

(pun intended) about it by the same name and I urge you to find it and watch it. The treatment for hysteria involved manual manipulation of a woman’s


by a doctor until she came to

. A young doctor, fearing for the health of his wrists, invented the first

to help him in this task. Hysteria is now an antiquated diagnosis and I wonder very much at the motives of doctors who are giving it as an official diagnosis. Please keep your clothes on and find a female doctor with whom to discuss your symptoms and issues.

As for ‘womb fury’ it used to refer to the absence of a hymen in a woman and was thought to result in death if left untreated. The prescribed treatment was marriage. Now we know that few women make it to adulthood with an intact hymen and we are fine.

I wonder who is filling your head with terms that are over a century old? Such ‘medicine’ was not even practiced in Kenya! Please ignore them. Being a virgin will not make you sick or put you in danger of anything. Your

is yours to let go of when and if you see fit and under your terms. Do not be threatened or coerced with ‘diseases’ and ‘conditions’ that never existed. Your body and sex are there for you to enjoy when you decide to.

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