Quizzing the sexperts: Sexologist fang gang


Love Matters is interviewing sexperts from around the globe. This week we talk to Fang Gang (46), a sexologist based in Beijing.

How do you describe your job to a young child or conservative grandmother?

I do research on



How did you end up with this job?

It’s fun and fulfilling. There are so many things in this field that challenge mainstream values. And isn’t that always exciting? Also, when thinking about questions related to sex, I feel that I am at my most smart and creative.

What is the most common question you get?

“What’s there to be researched about?!”

Some people are just really curious when they ask this question. But for most people, it’s more like an accusation. They believe that research on sex is not needed.

What do you consider to be the biggest taboo that you are fighting against?

On the surface, I’m fighting against

. But in fact, I’m fighting against the belief that individuals can’t fight “social order”. The reason why taboos exist is that society regards human bodies as an object that needs to be disciplined. By disciplining human bodies, society is able to control individuals. But sexual organs are the most untamable part of human body. It’s the nature of our sexual organs to be free, untamed and to do what they will. And I believe bodies belong to individuals, not to society.

What’s the advice you’ve given that was most useful for your own life?

To be a macho man that subverts tradition.

Does your job influence your personal/social/family life?

For sure. The biggest influence is that you have to take risks. There is a lot of pressure and a lot of insults. To be such a person, you have to make lots of sacrifices. Sometimes I worry about my family. This is the biggest negative influence. The positive influence is that I’m doing the job I’m passionate about. It makes me happy.

What is your most romantic spot and why?

I can’t think of any. Perhaps I’m not a romantic person? I think it’s not about the place, but about with whom you’re with. With the right person, any place can be the most romantic.