Self-help book boosts women's sexual desire

Eat for sex
Eat for sex

Too timid to talk to your doctor about your low libido? Reading a self-help book could rev up your sex life in the privacy of your own home.

Not being in the mood for love is the most common sexual complaint out there for women of all ages. The causes run the gamut from relationship troubles, to physical problems like exhaustion, to psychological issues including low self-esteem. Not surprisingly, stress is one of the biggest culprits.


The good news is that shows that kick starting your sex drive could be as simple as reading a self-help book. Women who read the book with tips to boost their libido got more aroused, had better orgasms, and were happier with their sex lives afterwards, according to US research presented at the 2013 World Congress for Sexual Health.

The women who participated in the series of studies were happily married but found they were just too tired or stressed to be up for sex with their husbands. Researcher and author Dr Mintz gave them six weeks to read her book, A Tired Woman’s Guide to Passionate Sex, and then compared their sex lives before and after.

For some women, reading a self-help book could be a good option to breathe new life into a that no longer involves sex, the study showed.


So how exactly does the book increase libido in women who’ve lost their interest in sex? Dr Mintz uses psychology and practical advice to help them find a way to work sex back into their busy lives.

One tip is to try to forget about intercourse. The idea is to focus on and enjoy – things like erotic massages or oral sex ­– instead of the goal always being penetrative sex. Another tried and true tip to spice things up is to do something new together as a couple. Even something simple like booking a hotel room just to have sex outside of home can do the trick.

Whether or not you opt for a self-help book, if your sex life needs a little assistance, seeking out a therapist or doctor is always a good bet. Though you may worry about doing so, rest assured, that’s what they’re there for.