Can men get yeast infections from their partners?

Can men get yeast infections from their partners?
Can men get yeast infections from their partners?


My girlfriend is playing with me. She told me that she has a yeast infection and we can’t have sex because she will pass it to me. Men can’t get yeast infections, can they?


Well Martin, she is not playing and she is right. You can get a yeast infection. We, all human beings, live with yeast and bacteria in a very carefully calibrated balance. What we commonly call an infection is actually a flare up where we have more yeast than normal, typically because the bacteria in that environment have been compromised. Taking antibiotics, a change in climate, wearing wet clothes for too long — these can cause a flare up.

If you and your girlfriend have unprotected sex she could introduce new yeast into your system and just as her system gets back to normal, yours will flare up and you will pass it on and the dance could go on ad nauseum (literally). Just trust her and wait a few days.

The Perfect Fit

If you were born after 1975, that is, you are younger than 40, you have probably had condoms as a sex life staple. We are told we should use them, they were given to us, our governments have subsidised them and we have developed many words for them — juala, CD, latex tuxedo, take your pick.

What is missing in this ‘put on a condom’ talk is when you should put it on and how to find the perfect fit. For the record, the condom goes on before any genital contact. Have the condoms close by and practice until you have a relatively easy way of undoing the foil packaging. Ladies perhaps you can take over the role of putting the condom on your partner? It saves you a conversation and you can have fun with it like placing it on him with your mouth.

Now onto size: No, one size does not fit all. Guys you just have to be super real with yourself and try, try and try again until you find one that fits like the proverbial glove. A bigger condom might be good for your ego but unsafe when it falls off. Too tight and it will literally choke your erection.

So here are some tips:

Find a condom with room at the top. A little extra head room actually feels better. In this market, Durex PleasureMax boasts that and it is textured so there is something in there for your partner as well.

Try a thinner condom as this will allow you more sensation — made of polyurethane instead of latex, these condoms transmit heat better so they feel a little more natural.

Lubricant — sure most condoms come with some but trust me your partner will appreciate a little extra, especially if she is over 40 and approaching menopause. Just make sure it is water or silicon-based, otherwise it will destroy the condom.