My first orgasm... At last

My first orgasm... At last
My first orgasm... At last

Roma’s is happily married and says she has a super sex life. Yet until recently, she had never had an orgasm… Until that one, special day.

Roma (name changed) is a 27-year-old business woman.

A happily married woman for three years, I’d never ever experienced an orgasm. Since I didn't know what it felt like, I didn't know what I was missing. And I was fine with it; well at least I thought I was.

Even to my girlfriends, I’d always maintain I have a rocking sex life. But I remember after one particular conversation where a girlfriend described an , I couldn’t help but feel a little envious.

But it wasn't for want of trying. My husband and I tried all kinds of positions, foreplay and used all kinds of condoms for ‘maximum pleasure’. In my mind we should be getting awards for our creativity in bed, but the ultimate prize, the orgasm, eluded me!

I know my husband was feeling bad. Somewhere he blamed himself and thought he may not be an adequate lover. But that wasn’t true. He is a gentle, kind and giving sexual partner. I couldn’t have asked for anything more, and it hurt me to see him doubt himself. But I didn’t want to having an orgasm either. I’ve seen enough movies to know how to do it but that wouldn’t be fair to him or me.

One day while lazing around together, my husband started running his fingers over the back of my neck and went on gently caressing my head all the way down to till the small of my back. I started to feel all tingly and my pulse started to race. Seeing my oh-so positive reaction, he started running his fingers through my entire body.

While he was touching every nook and cranny of my body with one hand, he used the other to me very tenderly. It wasn’t the fast, rushed and sometimes hard touch of before. This was new. This was soft, slow and sweet. I could feel every itsy-bitsy touch and it made me delirious with pleasure.

He used his fingers, one at a time, to gently penetrate me. And that’s when I felt a sensation that could only be described as having an orgasm! A few minutes later when I found my husband smiling, I didn’t know if he was happy for himself or for me!

Finally, I knew what I had been missing! And for me it was as simple as being touched in the right way. Now I just have so much more to look forward to when we make love!