When is a gift more than a gift?

When is a gift more than a gift?
When is a gift more than a gift?

“Valentine, my girlfriend gave me a pair of boxers and a singlet. Is it appropriate for a girl to give her boyfriend such a gift or is there a meaning attached to it?

Let me guess, you wanted a car instead and this came as a rude shock? I feel you, dude! Your girlfriend can buy you whatever she wants to buy you. Some gifts do however come with strings attached but they tend to be big money items – cars, houses, expensive jewellery and so on.

You are allowed to dislike what she got you. However, I don’t recommend you tell her this as it will probably hurt her feelings. Years ago, I told my brother I didn’t like a gift he gave me and it hurt him so much that he has never surprised me with a gift since. What I should have done was to say thank you and shut up. If you like the boxers but are wondering why she bought them for you, ask her.

If you dislike them, don’t wear them and she will get the hint. I will point out that partners buy each other underwear all the time, so it is not unusual for her to have bought the boxers and a singlet.

Valentine’s Day is a holiday when men typically buy women chocolate and lingerie. Underwear is thought to be a gift that a couple can enjoy together as it is easily a part of their intimate life. If a workmate bought you boxers, that would be weird. But your girlfriend? She is right in the girlfriend gift territory.

I now have my own question: Perhaps you are confused because you do not have a with her yet? Have you been for a while but are yet to have sex, and you are wondering if this is a hint that she wants to move to the next level?

She is the best person to ask about this – so again I say, ask her. It’s a magical thing this that you hear about… It really works :)