How to prepare sumptuous githeri mukimo

Mukimo is a dish prepared by mixing mashed potatoes with beans, maize or peas

In Summary
  • It is also an easy to cook meal at home and readily eaten without need of stew due to it’s soft texture.
  • Addition of pumpkin leaves or spinach gives mukimo it’s green color. 
Mukimo wa githeri
Mukimo wa githeri

Mukimo is a versatile dish prepared by mixing either peas, beans, maize or githeri (a mix of maize and beans) with potatoes.

Different cultures have found ways to enhance the dish through the addition of ripe or green bananas.

Mukimo's colour is entirely dependent on the ingredients used; for green, you can use spinach or pumpkin leaves; for brown, you can use beans; and for yellow, you can decide to only use potatoes.

Mukimo is always cooked as one of the food combinations during celebrations, mostly weddings.

It is also an easy-to-cook meal at home and can be readily eaten without the need for stew due to its soft texture.


1 cup of githeri (beans and maize)

10 peeled potatoes

3 Unripe bananas

Royco cubes

2 onions


Cooking oil


Boil githeri till soft for approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes. Drain the water.

Boil potatoes and unripe bananas until soft for around 15 minutes, and drain the water.

Add the githeri to the boiled potatoes and bananas, mash it together with a wooden spoon and  add salt.Ensure to not entirely mash the maize.

You can choose to separate the maize aside and place them after mashing, as the maize gives the mukimo a crunchy, sweet taste that blends well with soft texture.

Put 4 tablespoons of cooking oil to fry the onions while adding royco cubes. The trick is to ensure the onions are well flavored for a more unique taste.

Add the mashed combo of potatoes, bananas, and githeri to the fried onions,and stir well till a mixture is formed. Ensure to put the oven on low heat for the mukimo to cook softly. 

Serve while hot, and enjoy.

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